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End of Life Doula


Preparing and Planning

for Remaining Days

If you or a loved one have been given a terminal diagnosis, I can assist with practical and secular spiritual guidance to make the final days most meaningful; this could be with empathetic conversations and guidance on the final days, discussing options for ceremonies, burial, cremation, or memorial options, different styles for celebration a life or planning legacy projects.  Service may include facilitating conversations with loved ones or people in your life that you might want to connect with before dying. 

I can assist in planning and making wishes known with an Advanced Directive and Health Care Proxy.  Other services might include finding the right Hospice for your needs.

Empathic Company

During Final Days  and Vigil 

I can be a guide to process the experience with compassion and empathy, a companion by the bedside during the last living days, or assisting in executing the last wishes for the space and surroundings, company during your hours, reminding family and caregivers of the last wishes. This may include space arrangements that are comfortable and meaningful for the dying, such as music or sounds, visuals, ceremonies, altars, room dynamics and atmosphere of the space, and everything involved in preparing for the final hours to be as peaceful, sacred and meaningful as possible, based on what matters to the dying person.

Post Death

Grief Support//Ceremonies

I assist during early grief processing through conversations, guiding reflections, or sacred ceremonies.

I guide and support family members and primary caregivers who have experienced the transition of a loved one to manage their emotions and stressors related to the experience of recent transition of a loved one.

For funeral services, I am available for planning and coordination, or executing instructions for legacy projects left in place left in place on the client's behalf.

Post-funeral services, I offer ceremonies to remember and celebrate the lives of those who have transitioned.

Praying Together

Reflecting and preparing for the remaining days of your life can be a beautiful opportunity to review the joys and sorrows, successes and failures, and to hold tenderly at the different ways you have touched people and your life has been influenced by others. While you are able to remember and make decisions, you are still very much alive. 


Your experiences and memories matter! 

 What does finishing well or peacefully mean to you?

Let’s discuss what conscious dying can mean and make a plan.

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