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Discover different opportunities to improve your well-being with Mindfulness Meditation and Sound Baths.

Learn about the Death Doula support and services available for those who are dying and support their family through after-death care and early grief. 


"A single act of kindness can cause ripples of healing"


Mindfulness Meditation

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Individual, Schools & Organizations

Mindfulness meditation is a practice of intentionally connecting with the present moment. A dedicated practice can transform relations with ourselves and others, bringing

greater balance, joy, kindness and compassion.

Working with me, you will learn meditation practices that can lead to life lasting personal transformations.

Wellness Companionship

Rock Balancing

Wellness Support for

Difficult and Lonely Moments

Navigating life transitions can sometimes lead to loneliness, especially when we don't have a friend with whom to talk and share our feelings. 

With my services you will find empathetic support as you navigate challenging experiences. Together we will lean into mindful practices that can help to balance emotions and alleviate loneliness.

Sound Baths

Image by Julio Lopez

Healing  with Sound Baths

Sound baths are soothing and deep meditative experiences that can be therapeutic and restorative for the mind and body.


Gift yourself the experience of a healing shower of sounds with crystal and Himalayan singing bowls, and other ancient instruments.

Death Doula


End of Life and Early Grief Support

As Death Doula, I offer a client or family caregiver an additional layer of advocacy, companionship, and non-medical support to help guide, educate and comfort clients and their caregivers, as they navigate issues around terminal illness and end of life journey. I offer a supportive emotional and spiritual presence for the dying and their loved ones.

My Vision and Approach

My vision is to reduce suffering and create healing by deepening the understanding of the beauty within us and around our world and to realize the interconnectedness of all life.

My approach is first to listen and provide a safe place to share thoughts, feelings, and stories.  Then I guide clients to process emotions and thoughts, and move them to bring awareness and clarity about what is needed to live a more joyful and fulfilling life.  


Together, in-person or online, we would create a personalized plan to provide you with the assistance needed to support and guide you along your way.

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